Posted by Steven Kiziah on Oct 5th 2019

The Cover of the Los Angeles Police Protective League

This is the cover of the Los Angeles Police Protective League's (union representing LAPD's officers, sergeants and lieutenants) magazine for this month.

It's raw. It hits hard. Some are even calling it offensive.

The reality is 140 cops killed themselves last year.

More police officers killed themselves last year than were murdered (46). 140 police officers dying by suicide is more than the total number of line of duty deaths (129) in 2017.

As police officers, we can talk so freely and easily about tactics, physical fitness and even gossip. However, we rarely discuss the biggest threat to cops.

To my brothers and sisters, be well. Be nice. Let's do a better job of how we treat each other.
Look out for one another. Truly have each other's backs. Don't just say it.

I can do a better job of this myself!

To anyone who commands or supervises... Treat everyone with respect and dignity. Be a human being, be decent and remain humble. To many of you, stop seeking the negative in others and instead, support your people.

The only thing people remember about you is the way you treated them.

To everyone who loves a cop or respects the work of one...thank you.

If you don't...well, that's ok too.

God bless and stay safe. @la_5_o -
Stolen from Matt.