Meet the team!

Steven Kiziah







 Hey everyone!

For those who do not know me, I am Steven Kiziah and I am the President and CEO of this amazing team of individuals that we call, Carolina Defender. Carolina Defender is a tactical supply company created to bring budget-friendly products to those who need them most.

I am a 7-year law enforcement veteran. I did not choose this path in life, it was a true calling. There is nothing else on earth I could see myself doing. It may not be easy at times, but nothing in life worth having is easy.
In the photos with me are my fiance, Victoria, and my son, Hayden. They are my world. Everything I do in life is to honor God and to benefit them. We are constantly outdoors and on the go. Our lives are one big adventure. I am truly blessed.
Our main goal at Carolina Defender is to help those around us. Our next act, after launching our website, is to create or partner with a local foundation, geared towards helping to feed hungry children. We will start with the public school system, and work our way outward. If you have any questions about this or wish to help, please feel free to reach out to me personally, or message us on Facebook or Instagram.
Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about me, God bless.

My handle is David Turner, and I'm the IT Specialist/Website Programmer of the Carolina Defender Team. I am an Infantry Drill Sergeant with over 13 years of service in the Army Reserves. Turning one success into another, I used the GI bill to achieve a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Appalachian State University. I am married to an exceptional Nurse who has blessed me with a stepdaughter now in college, and a son of my own. Thank you for standing in our ranks. Defend the line.

Hey everyone!

For those who do not know me, I am Travis Benton, a proud member of this awesome team known as Carolina Defender. 
I am a 10 year veteran of the US Army and served overseas in Afghanistan. I studied Criminal Justice at WCU and worked for a local PD for a while before deciding to start my own cleaning and restoration business. I currently serve as an Infantry Drill Sergeant. I have loved being able to help people through training and service. It’s not easy at times, but nothing in life worth having is.
In my photos, you’ll see my wife Ashly, our dog Daisy, and an example of what I do with my business. God and my family are first in my life. We are constantly doing things to help wherever we can and are truly blessed.

My name is Josh Arbogast and I am a member of Carolina Defender. I am currently taking classes to complete my Bachelor’s degree in Management at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC). I graduated from Catawba Valley Community College (CVCC) in 2014 with an Associate’s degree. I have spent most of my working life as an employee in the service industry where I currently work for Chili’s in Hickory, NC. The lady in this picture is my longtime girlfriend, Alison Adams. She is currently a nurse at Frye Regional Medical Center and has been very supportive of all of our endeavors at Carolina Defender.


My name is Mason Eastwood. I am a Police Officer in Burke County North Carolina. I have been in law enforcement since January 2014. I have the distinct privilege of working for the Carolina Defender Company. I have a wonderful wife named Kaylin and two four-legged children. I love what I do, and I am proud to serve the patrons of Carolina Defender.

My name is Matthew Haas. I am a member of Carolina Defender. I am a Deputy Sheriff with the Catawba County Sheriffs Office. I have been in Law Enforcement since August of 2015. The beautiful woman in the photo is my wife Kellie Haas. The little guy in the picture is currently my only child Triton Haas. Thanks for following and supporting us here at Carolina Defender.


Hi..uh..I'm Bob and this is Linda and we run a burger shop here at...oh wait wrong introduction. Hey, I'm Dillon Ward and I'm a part of the sales team here at Carolina Defender. I'm a full-time police officer and have been involved in emergency services for a little over 3 years. I enjoy solving issues that people bring whether its finding the best product for their needs or just giving a recommendation that will save them time/money. I enjoy hiking, kayaking, and being a nerd. I'm excited for the future with this family and I hope I will give you guys the best assistance I can in the future. Let us know if you are interested in our products or need suggestions. I'm always approachable.