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  The Spearpoint Defensive Low-Profile System (DLS) is a modern, fixed blade duty belt knife designed by cops, for cops. It is made of glass-infused polymer making it virtually indestructible. It will never rust. Its ergonomic design makes establishing a master grip on the duty knife easy and fast. The Spearpoint knife is contained in a patented belt keeper system that fits seamlessly on to an officers duty belt or bulletproof vest. It’s unique ‘low-profile’ design hides the intent and character of the knife. The Spearpoint DLS is easily accessible to an officer if their primary deadly force weapon, their pistol, becomes compromised, inaccessible or will not function. Officers can clear pistol malfunctions and fire their pistol while the Spearpoint knife is still in hand. The Spearpoint DLS sets the standard for fixed blade knife carry for law enforcement in the 21st century. The Spearpoint duty belt knife comes in nylon for web gear, silver tab or brass tab, basket weave, matte, and k-force. It will become a standard part of an officer’s duty belt.   Get your Spearpoint DLS duty belt knife, TODAY!


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    Posted by C.voss on Dec 18th 2020

    Good product, low profile and easily accessible. However I have not gone through an entire shift without having the extra retention clips come loose. There seems to be enough retention without them so it's not a huge deal. Maybe a little more secure hold on those clips would be great. Otherwise I'm happy with the product

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    Awesome last resort knife.

    Posted by Adam Waeghe on Sep 19th 2020

    They sent me the wrong style keeper/holster, which is a bummer. But the knife and idea of it is great. Looks like a normal keeper but with a dagger attached.

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    Solid Tool

    Posted by Brian Compton on Sep 19th 2020

    Highly recommend this last ditch effort tool for anyone's kit. Would also be a good tool for law enforcement.

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    Spearpoint Duty Knife

    Posted by Rachel A Glasgow on Sep 12th 2020

    It was a gift for my son, who is a K9 officer. He really was pleased with it.

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    So far so good, but..

    Posted by Katie Connolly on Jul 20th 2020

    It's great on the duty belt and doesn't take up much space. However, I've had a few times the knife has come out of its sheath when I've taken my belt off. It did come with clips for extra retention--but why not fix the design so it doesn't need the add-on in the first place?

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    Excellent item

    Posted by Luciano Morales on Jun 19th 2020

    Got one for my son and one for myself, since we are LEO, nice to have in case in need to protect yourself

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    Posted by Liz on Jun 9th 2020

    Compact and lightweight, really love how discrete it is.

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    Posted by John on Jun 2nd 2020

    Works well on my duty belt. Blends in very nicely. Comfortable.

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    Amazing product!!

    Posted by Brian on May 18th 2020

    Genius idea! Low profile. Matches my belt keepers. Hides in the keeper space between baton and mag pouches and I wear navy blue uniform so you can’t even tell it’s there.